Collaboration for Action

We rely on collaboration to customize any climate planning process, discuss climate risks, prepare for climate impacts, and build capacity for responding to changing climate conditions. This includes:

  • Bringing together the right stakeholders; 
  • Distilling the best available climate science;
  • Leading an interactive process to assess climate vulnerability; and 
  • Coordinating the development and prioritization of adaptation strategies. 


Intro to Planning for Climate Change -- You know climate change is an issue and going to affect your community and the things you care about. You don’t know where to start. There are way too many guidebooks, reports, and approaches out there that is is hard to choose or know which ones will work for your community. This introductory package gives you all you need to get started. 

Climate Workshop Support and Facilitation --We realize that the best vulnerability assessment and resilience strategies come from combining your local knowledge an expertise with the best available climate science. We also realize that many departments or agencies don’t have the time to dedicate to planning, coordinating, and facilitating a workshop to really bring together the right people, promote multi-sector dialogue across departments, and integrate that expertise in a meaningful way.  Our team has extensive experience planning and conducting climate change workshops and we work with you to develop a customized approach that meets your needs for either a vulnerability assessment or resilience strategy development workshop. 

Tools to Support Adaptation


Decision-support and planning tools provide the climate impact information clients need, when they need it.  We have created a cloud based tool that allows users to search and share adaptation strategies. We also help communities and businesses develop the software and support systems necessary to "ask the climate question" and mainstream climate change planning into their everyday actions.  


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