Our collaborative approach to projects can be seen in every solution we develop and helps ensure the long-term success and value of every project.


Climate Adaptation & Resilience Strategies

Building off experiences from previous projects and a national database of resilience actions, we co-develop resilience actions and other solutions with our partners to ensure that they customized to the community context, equitable, and can actually be implemented.


Climate Vulnerability Assessments

We start each of our assessments by asking first, what are the values and critical assets and resources that a community cares about. We then assess how climate change will affect these areas of concern. This focuses the work on the things that matter most to the community.


Hazard Mitigation Planning

Climate smart hazard mitigation planning involves preparing for not only the hazards of today, but the hazards of tomorrow. By integrating climate projections into the development of hazard plans, our team can help ensure that community actions reduce both current and future risks.


Community Engagement

Investing in getting the right people involved in the project from the beginning is critical to ensuring the success of the project. Our team spends time to know the community, listen to the project staff members, and create multiple opportunities for broad community input. 


Climate & Health Assessments

Climate change matters in part because it is affecting the physical, mental, and spiritual health of community members. With extensive experience in both climate and public health, our team works can guide a community through a rapid climate and health assessment to identify key risks to the community. 


Services Tailored To You

No project is exactly the same. After learning about a community’s specific needs, we match those needs with the expertise and services provided by our trusted network of collaborators, to design the solutions we deliver to be effective as possible.


Project Management

Our team has more than decade of experience smoothly managing climate change projects that involve multiple departments, partners, and a variety of participants.  We have the flexibility to customize the project management to meet the needs of the project.


Workshop Development

Adaptation International has extensive experience developing and facilitating all manner of workshops. Having completed more than 100 workshops, training sessions, and interactive meetings, we can ensure that your workshop is inclusive and meets the goals of the project.

Data Analysis

Seeing climate projections isn’t always enough to know what to do about them. Our team has the expertise to make those projections meaningful for your community. We routinely conduct analysis to identify, distill, and better describe how climate change will affect a community and the things that community cares about.


Mapping and Analysis

Geographic Information System (GIS) mapping and analysis can be critical in helping to identify key climate change risks and determine where to act. For example, we have helped develop and map probabilistic sea level rise projections to inform risk-based approaches to planning.


Implementation Support

Successfully building resilience requires not just knowing what to do, but how to do it. The Adaptation International team helps our partners assess the feasibility of actions and develop implementation plans.


Communication and Design

Communication and design isn’t just about sharing the results of a project, but involving people in the creation of products that both tell their story and enhance their participation in the project. Our team pioneered the development of asset or resource focused summary sheets and frequently creates mini-documentary style videos to share the stories of our partners.


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