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Adaptation International was founded in 2010 with the specific focus of helping communities and organizations around the world build resilience to climate change related risks.



In many ways, the resilience journey is just as important as destination. In our work with communities across the country, Adaptation International has developed and refined our individualized project and community engagement process. Our approach ensures that the right people are involved in the project from the beginning; and they have the appropriate opportunities to guide and contribute their knowledge and expertise to the project. This active engagement creates detailed assessments of a community’s valued resources that are most at risk, and adaptation strategies that are effective because they are guided by community knowledge.



Adaptation International has an exceptionally qualified team and recognized national experts on climate change resilience.

Founder and director Sascha Petersen has been a lead author in the last two National Climate Assessments, the Great Plains Region (2014) and the Pacific Northwest Region (2018), and Ellu Nasser served as a review editor for the Great Plains Region (2018).

In 2017, the Climate Change Vulnerability Assessment and Adaptation Plan that we developed in collaboration with the 1854 Treaty Authority won the National Climate Adaptation Leadership Award for Natural Resources.

We have more than a decade of experience in: climate change science, strategic planning, spatial analysis, public policy, public health, workshop development, and stakeholder engagement and collaboration. With direct experience working with communities, agencies, and academic institutions, our team can help your community bridge the gap between science and action.


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